We've gathered some frequently asked questions here.
Please check through them before making an inquiry.

Q1.I want custom-made character costume. What should I do ?

Please check the"From Estimate to Production" page.

Q2.How much does it cost custom-made character costume ?

Depending on the size and design of the costume, generally around 600,000 yen or more.
For larger-size costumes, an additional fee may be incurred.
The price will also depend on the material and number of parts, so please send over a design to allow us to give you an estimate.

Q3.How long does the manufacturing process take ?

It generally takes around a month. Everything is handmade and reservation-based, but we will tell you the soonest possible delivery date when we prepare your estimate.

Q4.Can I have a model of my character costume ?

There is an additional fee for mockups.
These models are 1/4 size figures made of styrene foam without any coloring or outer materials applied.
They are design mockups for checking the final shape of the costume.
These mockups cost 75,000 yen and include up to once corrections and additional calibration is from 5000 yen once. The amount will be vary depending on the situation.
After the final corrections are done, we will request that you please return the model.
It will be used to manufacture the full-size character costume.
* The model will be divided up and used as the base to create patterns for the character costume.
Please understand that we cannot send it back because it is different from a miniature.

Q5.Can I come inspect the costume midway through production ?

If you would like to visit our factory for inspection, please let us know when placing your order.
Please contact us for booking the time and date.

Q6.Can the costume be cleaned ?

The sewn portions (the costume's clothes and gloves etc.) can be dry cleaned.
The head and shoes cannot be cleaned by normal methods, so please make ask us when you wish to have them cleaned.
※ Depending on the costume's condition, we may require a repair/cleaning fee.

Q7.What should I do about maintenance ?

After use, adjust the costume's shape and store it in a well-ventilated location.
Put other pieces that can be hung up on a clothes hanger. This will help prevent the costume from losing its shape.

Avoid storing the costume in hot or humid places.

Q8.What should I do if the costume gets dirty ?

Scrub the affected area with a soft cloth and detergent. If you're quick, most stains should come out.
In case of heavy dirt buildup, it's better to send it for dry cleaning.

Q9.What should I do about sweat and odors ?

Before shipping, all character costumes are given an application of a ground-breaking antibacterial, antiviral,
and deodorizing spray that utilizes a combination of photocatalysts and silver.
This dedicated spray is used in food processing plants, hospitals, nursery schools, etc., and has no harmful effects on the human body.

A single application will keep your costume odor-free for a long time.
General deodorants can also be used.
KIGURUMI.BIZ's recommended antibacterial, deodorizing spray can be purchased here.
Shop here

Q10.How long does a character costume last ?

If you take good care of it, you can use it in excellent condition for around 5 years.

Q11.Does the inside of the costume get hot ?

Character costumes are made from thick materials, so getting hot inside is unavoidable.
An attached ventilation fan inside the head can expel the hot air.

Though it depends on the design, we manufacture character costumes to leave as much space
between the costume's and the wearer's bodies as possible. This helps make wearing them that much cooler.

Also, a Cool Vest is included for free with every order, for use on hot days.
During hot weather, it is recommended to change the performer every 15 minutes or so when possible, but always take frequent breaks and hydrate well.

Q12.What is the ventilation fan ?

It's a small sized motorized fan approximatels 80mm×80mm in size.
A battery and switch to operate the fan is affixed to the inside of the costume. Turn it on before putting the costume on.
This fan uses batteries, and can be used continuously for approximately 2 days.

If there is a enough space inside, we can attach another fan for the face part.
These fans are provided at no additional charge.

Q13.Does the ventilation fan distract from the costume ?

The fan is installed in a small hole at the very top of the head or slightly behind.
Material is stretched over the hole from the outside so that it is completely inconspicuous.

Q14.What size person can fit inside ?

We generally design the costumes to fit a 170 cm (approx. 5'7") tall man.
But people between 165 and 175 cm (approx. 5'5" to 5'9") have no trouble wearing the costume.
If the performer is predetermined, we can make the costume to fit his or her height.
People that are within 5cm (2in) <+/-> of the costume's height will have no problems wearing it.

Q15.What are the insides of the shoes like ?

The insides of the shoes are designed to wrap around your instep and heel like a slipper.
They fit well and allow for a wide range of movement.

Q16.Can the character costume's hands grip things ?

You can hold and use a pen, but grabbing small items or passing out flyers would be difficult.
You can shake hands and wave.

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