From Estimate to Production

1.Price Quote

If you are thinking about creating a character costume, please contact us to request an estimate free of charge.
You can send us the design via fax or email. A hand-drawn illustration will be accepted.
Email attachments must be in JPG or PDF format.

Please contact us here

Included with the estimate, we will provide an overall work schedule with date of completion.
The manufacturing process generally takes about one month, but may take more time when we are attending to many orders.
We will let you know the soonest possible delivery date at the time of your inquiry.


Please let us know when you decide to order
We send you an order form and detailed schedule for the creation of your character.
We also issue an invoice for a 50% down payment. Please transfer contract money to our designated bank account.

3.Creating a blueprint

After we receive the down payment, we send you a blueprint (how it would look on completion with a person inside).
At this point, we are pleased to accommodate your requests for details such as the position of hands and size of the head.
Please let us know your requests in detail, as we can modify this blueprint as many times as needed.
※ The blueprint is not in color.

4.Sourcing of materials

We will send you a sample book of fabrics so that you can choose your material and colors.
If the material you would like is not available, we can dye fabric to create it.
In this case, a separate fee for dyeing is needed and we will require an additional work period of about one month added to the preliminary schedule.
Once we have all the materials, we start creating the costume.
You can check the process on our dedicated URL. If you would like to visit our factory for inspection, please make an appointment.

5.Creating a pattern

Based on the model, various pattern papers for the character costume are created.

6.Carving the styrene foam ・ Creating a prototype

Styrene foam is carved into a prototype of your character.
We then create the other parts based on the patterns.

7.Applying the outer materials

We will apply materials such as boa and pile on the surface of the prototype. (This picture shows a boa made from 10mm strands.)
For the parts where the form is not made of styrene (such as polyurethane), fabrics will be sewn together to fit the prototype.


The costume is sewn to fit the body.
Gloves and shoes are also sewn in this process.

9.Ventilation fan

A ventilation fan is equipped on the top of the head.
The battery will last for 1 to 2 days.
If there is more space inside,it's possible attach another fan for the face part.
These fans are included at no additional charge.
(The fan is approximately 80mm×80mm in size)


The costume is complete, and we send you photos and videos of it for your final check.

11.Packing and shipping

Upon your approval, we carefully package the product and deliver it to you.

An invoice will be sent separately. After you have confirmed the arrival of your character costume, please pay the balance.

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